IMM celebrates 40 years serving Africa!

IMM celebrates 40 years serving Africa!

This year, we’re celebrating an important moment in our company’s history. IMM, a major player in power generation in Africa, is celebrating 40 years of commitment, innovation and growth. Since our creation in 1984, we have worked tirelessly to provide the energy needed for development.

Our track record is studded with success, from Algeria to the Seychelles, and from Mali to Djibouti and Sierra Leone. With nearly 70 projects in 22 countries, we are contributing to the electrification of many homes and businesses. Our expertise in power plant design, whether thermal, hydraulic, solar PV or hybrid, is helping to improve the quality of life of many communities and industrial development.

In sub-Saharan Africa, where almost 50% of the population has no reliable access to electricity, we are taking up the challenge with determination. The almost 1,000 megawatts installed by IMM on the continent testify to our commitment to a sustainable energy future for all.

On this special occasion, we would like to thank all our Employees, whether based in Europe or Africa, our Customers and Partners for their trust and support. Together, let’s build a strong, resilient and forward-looking company.

Happy Birthday, IMM! May the next 40 years be even brighter and more hopeful for all.

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